Tips For Keeping Stains Out Of The Carpet

The carpet is the one floor covering that everyone loves to have but hates to clean.  When you purchase a new house or business, or if you enter into a new place that just had the carpets cleaned you feel warm and invited.  However, over time, the carpet will become dull and worn out.  It is when this happens that the need of commercial carpet cleaning melville ny is required.

Take off your shoes

One of the easiest things that you can do to keep your carpet clean is to take off your shoes.  Our shoes carry more dirt and debris than we can ever imagine.  When we walk outside the grooves in our shoes will dig into the ground and start picking up parts of dirt, grass, rocks and god knows what. Then when we return to our homes, we walk on the carpet which acts like a brush removing these particles from our shoes and depositing them into the carpet.  When we remove our shoes and keep them at the door, we are reducing and or eliminating these particles from entering into the carpet.

Vacuum in opposite patterns

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Every Saturday millions of people will get up and vacuum their carpets.  When we do this we tend to follow the same pattern time and time again.  The problem with this is that the fibers of the carpet will soon become weak and break resulting in dirt staying trapped.  What you want to do is vacuum in different directions every time.  This will keep the fibers in good condition as well as evenly worn.

Use approved products

Don’t use fancy products when you clean your carpets.  You want to use products that are designed for your specific needs.  If you need a stair remover purchase a stain remover for your specific stain.  If it is a pet stain then use a pet stain remover.