Determining Which Golf Management Company To Use

golf management companies

Note to the rank amateur that this is not a trick question. But given the long list of professionally oriented golf management companies dotted across all fifty states, this may remain a challenging poser for the newly established amateur club ranks.

But given that it can never be a proverbial piece of cake to set up a new club in the first instance, it could be argued that somewhere along the line, there has been some form of professional influence, but not necessarily as a paid for service. It could just be that retired professionals who may have done rather well for themselves over the years have, for the love of one of the most popular games in the country given up a proportion of their golden years to bring the great game that is golf closer to the communities at large and perhaps specifically targeting those for which golf, as a rather expensive enterprise in the main, has remained out of reach.

Purely from a motivational point of view, there is clear evidence that this admirable approach has been successful in the past. Legend has it that before he became one of the greatest golfers of all time, the younger version of America’s golfing icon, Tiger Woods, was for at least several years the number one ranked amateur golfer, not just in the country but in the world. That he was not entirely uprooted from poverty if you will is quite beside the point.

The fact remains that professional interventions, now investing heavily in new innovations such as crowd-funding, has brought the game closer to the people. By the people, and for the people, words to that effect; is that not always what has been said before.